Ivan Yug
Ivan Yug

               Iwan wastarted working as tattoo artist in Moscow in 2005, during this time, he has done many different work, but his favorite style is realistic tattooing, portraits, wildlife and custom work.

              The Russian school of realistic art is considered to be one of the strongest in the world and has dozens of talented masters continuing the work of classical artists in this new direction of fine arts and amazing with their talent millions of tattoo lovers around the world. 

             The hero of today's article will be a master who has received recognition among the real masters of modern tattoos - Iwan Yug

               Starting his tattoo career in 2005 and choosing the path of a realist artist, he achieved incredible heights, rightfully deserving a place in the leaders of this industry.

His works, both in color and in black&grey tattoo realism, were published in many famous international tattoo magazines and repeatedly received the highest awards from judges at international tattoo conventions and festivals around the world. First of all, they are distinguished by carefully elaborated detailing of the image, which is so beloved by all fans of this direction of tattooing, and technically correct execution, which allows keeping the juiciness and detail of the works after the healing period.

               However, he become known around the world not only by a tattoos . At the beginning of his career as a tattoo artist, he did not find among the existing tattoo machines that would match all Ivan's requirements, and he went on a complex, but fascinating way of the builder. In 2010, he released first tattoo machine, and now they are successfully sold around the world, receiving positive feedback from masters from all countries working in completely different styles and techniques. In the present, Iwan Yug is a world-famous brand, and his tattoo machines match all the requirements of the modern tattoo industry.

               The rotary tattoo machine, designed by Ivan, gathered in itself all the knowledge, skills and many years of personal experience in machine building and the work of tattoo machines. The optimal combination of speed and engine power, allows you to exclude injury of skin and effectively use it in virtually all styles and techniques of tattooing. To work with this tattoo machine, all types of holders are suitable. The kit includes two eccentrics. One is best suited for the tattoo realism, the second - for works in the traditional style.